Solutions without Problems

You Can Help End SoluProbs

Group Punishment

A Partisan Issue?


Abortion Counseling

Anti-Sodomy Laws

Banning Private Taxi Services

Banning Same-Sex Marriage

Banning Sharia Law

Beauty Industry Makeup

Benghazi Hearings

Block Syrian Refugees

Conversion Therapy

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids

Drug-test Welfare Recipients

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution


More Babies

Outlaw IUDs

Outlawing Marijuana

Resisting Jade Helm 15

Restricting Transgender Use of Public Restrooms

Salem Witch Trials

Sex Offender Registry

Stand Your Ground Laws

Targeted Regulations for Abortion Providers: TRAP Laws

Trump Wall

U. S. Invasion of Iraq, 2003

Vietnam Escalation by USA

Voter ID Laws

War of 1812

War on Terror

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