Terms of Service & Privacy

SoluProbs™ Terms of Service and Privacy

Posted: May 20. 2016

At soluprobs.com I take great efforts to ensure your privacy while making the site a rewarding learning experience that invites participation to improve social policy. I collect and use very little information about you.   Following is the information I collect, the limited way that I use it, and other terms relevant for participation in the site.

Subscription & Notification: If you wish to be notified of new posts or changes on the website, you are invited to subscribe by providing your name and email address. If you accept, MailChimp will send an email asking you to confirm that you wish to subscribe to the notification list. If you confirm, your name and email will be added to the MailChimp list for soluprobs. Mailchimp, WordPress, and I do not sell this information, trade it, or provide it for free to anyone, nor do I use it for any purpose other than notifying you of new materials on the website and about substantive changes to the website or these policies.

Comments: If you make a comment, it will be reviewed and approved before publication. WordPress, the website program I am using collects your name and email address (required) and your website address (only if you provide it) when you make comments. WordPress does not use, trade, or sell any data about you that is collected.  Only your name appears with your posts

Evaluation: The site includes a function to evaluate the site and offer suggestions for improvement. The function does not collect any personal information. You and your comments are anonymous. Your constructive comments are welcomed. They will help us make the site a better tool for helping to end SoluProbs as well as a great site for you to engage these issues of social policy.

Cookies: We don’t need no stinkin’ cookies.

Suggested SoluProbs: This project will only be successful if others, like you, become involved. Identifying soluprobs I have not thought of will be one major contribution. A form with a helpful outline is provided for this purpose. What you initially submit will not initially appear on the website. I will follow a verification protocol to confirm that details validate the conditions for being a soluprob.   I may share your idea with colleagues who have expertise sufficient to reliably advise in the matter, and I may undertake other research approaches. While I am still working out the process for developing soluprobs submitted in this fashion, my current trial approach is to use two methods. (1) Either I will coach you in further developing what you submitted, and then publish your soluprob on the website, with your permission and giving you full credit for it, or (2) we might work on the soluprob together and it will be co-published, with your agreement and co-authorship credit.

Payments: Participation in SoluProbs is a voluntary activity.  You will not receive payment for preparing a soluprob for the website, nor will you be charged a fee for its publication on soluprobs.com.

Intellectual Property & Trademarks: This project began with my intention to write a book on the subject of Solutions without Problems, a current work in progress. Both Solutions without Problems™ and SoluProbs™ are Trademarks pending registration with the U.S. Patent Office with the book, this website, and the entire soluprobs project in mind. It is my plan to use materials I have written for this website in the book and potentially other venues. It is possible that I may want to include soluprobs submitted by others, like you, for example. In such cases, I would use your work only with your permission and give you credit for it. This guarantee, however, does not preclude me from personally developing a soluprob suggested by you or someone else without your or their help to develop the copy for it. For example, if you suggest a possible soluprob but are not inclined to do any further work on it, I will be free to develop it myself for publication under my name.

Privacy: The above comments should clarify the protection of your privacy as you interact with the website. A monitoring program will keep a tally of visitors including, the number of visitors and summary information as to the number of pages visited on the website. The program also keeps running and rolling tallies of the home country of visitors, IP addresses, browsers used, and times of visits. It does not identify names of visitors or any personal information. It does not identify you.

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policies may change in the future, but a notice of the changes will be sent to the subscription list and posted on the website.

I enthusiastically invite your partnership in this project, hope you will visit the site often, and share the site and the project with your friends.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments about the Terms of Service and Privacy.

Earl Babbie — ebabbie@mac.com